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Zoom Enbio PRO (Class B) + Magic Filter GRATIS
Zoom Enbio PRO (Class B) + Magic Filter GRATIS
Zoom Enbio PRO (Class B) + Magic Filter GRATIS
Zoom Enbio PRO (Class B) + Magic Filter GRATIS
Zoom Enbio PRO (Class B) + Magic Filter GRATIS
Zoom Enbio PRO (Class B) + Magic Filter GRATIS
Zoom Enbio PRO (Class B) + Magic Filter GRATIS

Enbio PRO (Class B) + Magic Filter GRATIS

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Are you looking for the highest class and fastest autoclave on the market?

Enbio PRO is a great choice!

  • Meets 100% of all European standards
  • The highest class: B
  • Fits all cassettes for most common systems (volume 5.3 liter)
  • Sterilization of loose or wrapped tools (up to 16 bags at the same time)
  • The FAST process takes only 10 minutes


Brand New model 2023

Our patented technology used in the new models, allow for faster and more evenly spread heating of the sterilization chamber. This translates into shorter cycles more solid and  durable structure.


Buy Enbio S autoclave and get Enbio Magic Filter for FREE! 

Magic filter is a product, which will change the way how your studio works. Due to its innovative technology based on ion exchange resin, it makes reuse of used in previous sterilization cycles water possible. Magic filter follows the idea of "less waste", which for you means that you will not have to constantly worry about changing water bottles. It is a product that will save you a bunch of money when also saving the environment. The product can filter up to 400 liters of distilled water.

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    Warranty and Service

    Enjoy peace of mind with up to 24 months producer warranty. After 12 months or 1500 cycles (depends of what comes first), make the check-up of your device and the warranty will be extended for the next 12 months. We offer service both directly at the producer, or via local service centers (if applicable). Contact us for more info on related costs and service.

    Enbio PRO (Class B) + Magic Filter GRATIS

    + VAT

    Enbio PRO: the highest Class B sterilization


    Enbio PRO autoclave is 6 times more compact and 3 times lighter than a standard Class B autoclave. Sterilization including drying is on average 3.3 x faster.


    Thanks to its compact size (25 x 16 x 56 cm), it will fit every space, even the most tiny one. At the same time, it has the space for all the standard tools, which you can choose to sterilize in pouches or without. Enbio PRO fits up to 16 pouches packed with tools.


    Fancy a chat standing next to the running Enbio? No problem. It is so quiet you can relax by it (32dB, comparable to an empty, tranquil road).

    The fastest

    Why would you waste an hour on something you can do in 10 minutes? Enbio is the fastest steriliser on the market. It is also gloriously intuitive and easy to use.

    Adapting to your needs

    Enbio PRO comes with three aluminium trays which will help you sterilize tools in various sizes.

    Enbbio PRO

    The brand new model for 2023

    Automatic Reports

    Enbio autoclave saves all reports on a USB flash drive attached to the device. The reports can be easily displayed on a computer or any other device with USB port. In addition, the USB flash drive includes full version of the user manual, warranty conditions and the CE certificate.

    Intuitive and easy to use

    No programming or logging in. Just plug it in to get started. It takes just 2 clicks to start the process.

    Design as key element.

    Winner of the prestigious design award.

    Enbio: reliability for you and your business.

    Enjoy up to 24 months warranty: after the first 12 months (or 1500 cycles, depending on what comes first), perform the check-up and your warranty will be extended for the next 12 months. We offer service both directly at the producer, or via a local service center. Write to us for more info and costs.

    Up to 24-month warranty

    With live telephone and video support and technical assistance at the producer, or at a local service center.


    What comes in the box?

    - ENBIO Autoclave

    - Technical Passport

    - water in&out hoses - HEPA filter

    - User manual

    - TÜV Certificate

    - ENBIO S Certificate

    - Validation report of the device

    - Flash USB**Flash drive stores all sterilization reports made on a your device. In addition, it includes the full version of the user manual, warranty conditions and the CE certificate.

    ENBIO - Magic Filter

    Magic Filter follows the idea of ​​"less waste". On top of that, you won't have to worry about constantly changing water bottles. It is a product that saves your time and money while saving our environment. You will get it FOR FREE with the purchase of Enbio autoclave.

    Technical data - Enbio PRO

    Power supply 230V/50Hz
    Power 3250W
    Max. power consumption 15 A
    Operating pressure 2,1 Bar
    Max. pressure 2,3 Bar
    Weight 20 kg
    Max. processing temperature 138°C
    Processing compartment capacity 5,3L
    Processing compartment dimensions 300 x 200 x 90mm
    External dimensions 561 x 270 x 202mm
    Protection class IP20
    Type of data archiving USB disk

    Comparison of cycles

    134°C FAST 134°C 121°C PRION 134 °C
    Class S B B B
    Total process time 10 min 18 min 31 min 43 min
    Sterilization time 3,5 min 4 min 15 min 18 min
    Drying time - 4 min 5 min 5 min
    Preliminary vacuum volume 1 3 3 3
    Type of tools Unwrapped Wrapped and unwrapped Wrapped and unwrapped Wrapped and unwrapped


    What are the main advantages of Enbio PRO?

    Enbio is a complete revolution on the market. It is quiet, compact and nice, so it will fit in any interior. Shorter sterilization processes allow it to be used even between visits, and at the same time shorten the time in which the tools are exposed to temperature, which significantly extends their service life. It has very low running costs. At the same time, it is intuitive and very easy to use.

    What tools can be sterilized?

    In Enbio autoclaves you can sterilize tools made of metal, rubber and silicones, but also all other tools that, according to the manufacturer, can be steam sterilized.

    How long is the sterilization process?

    There are 4 programs available:

    - FAST 134°C (7 minutes, without drying, class S),

    - 134°C (15 minutes, class B),

    - 121°C (30 minutes, class B),

    - PRION 134°C (43 minutes, class B)

    How many tool packages can be sterilized simultaneously?

    In the Enbio PRO autoclave, you can sterilize up to 16 packages during one cycle or 0.8 kg of load.

    Is additional equipment required for the device?

    Yes, you should have external tanks - one for demineralized water and one for condensate.

    The accessories needed to connect the tanks are included in the box with the autoclave.

    Does the touch display work when used with latex gloves?

    Yes, touchscreen works with and without latex gloves.

    Interest-free instalments

    Pay at your own pace with zero hidden costs.

    Secure transactions

    Our store is protected by SSL technology, which means that all information you provide is encrypted and securely stored.

    Free shipping

    We do our best to lower the costs for our clients. That's why we've decided to offer free shipping for all of the autoclaves we offer.

    Technical support

    Enjoy peace of mind, with either local service centres technicians, or assistance directly at the producer.


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