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Color: Beauty Edition

Safety goes fashion.

The Enbio S Beauty Edition is the World's first steam sterilizer dedicated to beauty saloons. It merges state-of-the-art medical technology with award-winning, minimalistic design and a unique outfit with gold colors elements.

The autoclave guarantees the highest level of safety thanks to the use of the latest Class B technology (the only method that guarantees the full efficacy and safety of sterilization). The device comes also with an S Classe cycle of just 7 minutes. 

This autoclave is a complete revolution on the market. It is quiet, compact, and pretty, so it will find its way into any interior. Its short sterilization processes allow it to be used even between appointments, while reducing the time the instruments are exposed to the temperature, significantly extending their life. It has very low running costs. At the same time, it is intuitive and very easy to use.

Our patented technology used allows for faster and more evenly spread heating of the sterilization chamber. This translates into shorter cycles and more solid and durable structures.

Enbio meets all the guidelines of the Medical Directive 93/42/EEC and ISO EN 13060 as a Class IIb small steam sterilizer.

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No-Interest Installments

At claveclub you can purchase Enbio autoclaves not only with the best price on the market, but also with zero interest installments. Your best chance to get your own autoclave is here!

Safety goes fashion

The gold standard of sterilization.

Touch and go

Just choose the program and touch to start

Minimalistic design

A perfect fit for your studio.

Focus on details

Design is at the heart of the device we offer.

Cleary visible work progress

You instantly know when your instruments are ready.

Touch and go

Just choose the program and touch to start

Minimalistic design

A perfect fit for your studio.

Focus on details

Design is at the heart of the device we offer.

Cleary visible work progress

You instantly know when your instruments are ready.


Stylish & Functional LED Lights

Elevate your Enbio Autoclave experience with style and enhanced functionality. This sleek, energy-efficient LED light is designed to offer brilliant illumination and to ensure precise control and visibility during sterilization processes. The Enbio LED Light not only enhances aesthetics but also boosts efficiency, by changing color according to each sterilisation phase. This way, you can see when your tools are ready even from the distance!

Intuitive Touch Screen

Cutting-edge ease and control. This user-friendly touch screen interface is designed to provide effortless navigation and precision control. With the Enbio Intuitive Touch Screen, operating your autoclave becomes easier than ever, streamlining sterilization processes and ensuring accurate settings with just a touch. 

Revolutionary Sterilization Chamber

Redefine sterilization excellence with our innovative chamber designed exclusively to take the best care of your tools. Engineered to perfection, this sterilization chamber introduces a new era of efficiency and safety. With advanced features and a meticulous design, it guarantees flawless sterilization results, every time.

The choice of Industry Experts

The highest quality for the best professionals.

Paulina Pastuszak - Beauty Business Expert

The key reason why I chose the Enbio autoclave from ClaveClub is that sterilisation is really efficient, as the fastest programme takes just 7 minutes.

Victoria Vacchio - International Master Instructor

In Victoria Vacchio academies we always ensure our students’ and clients’ health and safety. We can only achieve this together with the best professionals in the sector: CLAVECLUB.

Ioana Cristescu - International Master Educator

With its modern design and Class B express sterilization time, it has become, for me, the best tool on the market. My thanks to the entire ClaveClub team who do an incredible job and adds value to all beauty businesses in Spain.

Certified and Awarded

What comes with the autoclave

With the autoclave you'll get:

  • Quick start manual and device validation reports
  • Water connection hoses (blue and red) with plastic plug.
  • USB flash drive which contains the user manual, TÜV * certificate, Warranty, Enbio Data Viewer software.
  • HEPA filter (inside the chamber of the device).
  • Power cord.
  • Enbio Safe Saloon Certificate
  • Enbio Magic Filter (water filter)


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Cycles comparison

Two fast cycles for all of your needs.

Total cycle time
7 min
15 min






Sterilization time

3,5 min

4 min

Drying time


3 min




Type of tools


Wrapped and unwrapped


The Enbio Beauty Edition autoclave is the one-of-a-kind B class sterilizer, due to its compact dimensions.













Technical Data

Discover all of the features of this amazing autoclave.

Average power consumption per cycle in KWh


Max. power consumption


Installed power

2,25 kW

Power supply


Max water consumption per cycle



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