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Enbio Filters Kit + Water in/out tubes

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The Enbio Filter Kit includes 3 Magic Filters (water filters) and 2 Hepa Filters. Filter consumption depends on the frequency of sterilization. Approximate wear time:

  • Hepa Filter lasts for 1000 cycles,
  • Magic Filter from 3 to 6 months. When the filter changes color to amber, it needs to be replaced.
  • Water in/out tubes

The Enbio Magic filter is a product that will change the way how your studio works forever. Due to its innovative technology based on ion exchange resin, it allows you to reuse the water used in the previous sterilization cycles. The filter follows the idea of "less waste", which for you means that you will not have to constantly worry about changing water bottles. It is a product that will save you a bunch of money while also saving the environment.

The Hepa filter is a product that cleans the air taken in by the autoclave from the environment. Thanks to it, bacteria or viruses in the air will not get into the autoclave.

BFE filtration efficiency*: 99.999%

VFE** filtration efficiency: 99.9999%

Filtration capacity: 0.027 µm

Connection: 1/8 NPT threaded

Maximum pressure: 60 psi/4.14 bar

Enbio Filters Kit + Water in/out tubes


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